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CTOHS-Community Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

(Minors: 5 – 17 years) (Adults: 18-year-old and up)

Community Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

At CTO Health Services we see mental health treatment as a relationship between the individual seeking treatment and the clinical team. The treatment team is made up of the intake specialist, therapist, psychiatrist, and clinical director.

We approach mental health treatment from a recovery-oriented approach, recognizing that there are many factors that lead people to come to treatment. We identify that there are intrinsic strengths in every person we serve. Their resilience leads us to respect their right to self-determination as together we craft goals to create hope and bring dreams into reality.


  • Intakes are offered Monday through Friday. Urgent requests can often be accommodated quickly.
  • A trained psychotherapist completes an initial assessment.
  • A therapist is quickly assigned to begin therapy sessions.
  • A psychiatrist completes the evaluation, and if appropriate offers medication to immediately assist in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood instability,
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    An estimated 1 in 4 adults struggle with mental health issues

    The length of time in therapy and medication management is unique for each person. The staff at the CTO Health Services work to help people achieve their goals at the pace that works for each person in treatment.

    For individuals that require additional care the CTO Health Services provides referrals to community supports and other CTO Health Services programs, including our Drug and Alcohol and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.



    • Therapy appointments are often weekly. w Individuals collaborate in the development of treatment goals.
    • In the case of children, we recommend parents, close friends, and social services providers to participate in therapy.
    • Our clinics also offer group therapy for men, women, and children on a variety of subjects where they can learn from peers and a trained group therapist on how to cope with life challenges.
    • If medication is prescribed, people will have access to at least monthly psychiatric appointments to monitor therapeutic services and medication.
    • Our therapists encourage the involvement of family, friends, and other significant people.

    What Fees are Involved and How Do I Pay Them??

    Medicaid recipients are covered when authorization is approved. IOP accepts contracted third-party reimbursement, private pay (Private pay fees include an intake fee, group fees and individual/family services), private participant grants and offers a sliding fee based on income for eligible Maryland residents.

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