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(Adults: 18 years old and up)

Substance Use Disorder

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a group-focused, non-residential program for adults 19 and older. IOP is more in-depth than traditional outpatient treatment services, offering a minimum of 10 hours of treatment per week. IOP treatment typically lasts six to eight weeks but varies with individual needs and participation. Intensive groups meet three hours each day, three days a week. Each participant must also attend at least one additional individual or family session each week. Services are available days and evenings.


  • Adults 19 and over who have a substance use evaluation that recommends IOP
  • Those with a moderate to severe risk of relapse
  • Those with low to moderate risk of harm to self or others
  • People who need an intensive, professionally structured outpatient treatment program
  • Those exhibiting one or more functional impairments that require weekly evaluation or monitoring.


  • What is the Treatment Philosophy?
    • Change occurs through development of a therapeutic relationship that respects and builds on the client’s life goals and free choice
    • Family participation in therapy is strongly encouraged
    • Therapies are chosen which best match the needs of the client so treatment can be the most effective

    What is Required of Participants?

    • Must remain substance free of all non-prescribed drugs, including alcohol
    • Commit and comply with regular and consistent program attendance and assignments (all absences require pre-approval)
    • Agree to recommended or requested urinalysis tests

    Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Available?

    IOP offers dual diagnosis treatment for those with both substance use and mental health issues. Please contact Intake Coordinator for program availability.


  • Look at your own patterns of substance use and learn to understand the disease of addiction
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make lifestyle changes to abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use
  • Recognize triggers and develop plans to avoid relapse

What Fees are Involved and How Do I Pay Them??

  • Medicaid recipients are covered when authorization is approved. IOP accepts contracted third party reimbursement, private pay (Private pay fees include an intake fee, group fees and individual/family services), private participant grants and offers a sliding fee based on income for eligible Maryland residents.

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